I love this melded image of Natalie Portman and Audrey Hepburn, from georgechamoun.tumblr.com (click image for source)

Yes, I love bad plays on words — in this case, “web” and “bibliography.” Here are a few things I’ve been reading about on the web that mean something to me, and the takeaways I gained from them.

Travel is an exercise in perspective, from BreatheDreamGo.

Kelly Williams Brown of Adulting says that grown-up people should be able to sit down and read something long-form.

MindHacks cites a study from the European Journal of Psychology that found that “physically attractive people are more likely to be psychologically balanced and accepting than the rest of us.” I think this depends on whether “physically attractive people” are universally attractive. From the study itself: “contemporary studies have revealed that people share common views of physical attractiveness regardless of race, age or nationality.” However, I completely disbelieve the study, because the participant sample and “judges” (model recruiters living in London — whose profession is based on completely commercialized ideals, not actual “beauty”) are severely limited. The researchers themselves admit this in the limitations of their paper. Tough luck, “science.”

Video break! Walk Off the Earth does “Somebody I Used to Know”… with 5 people on 1 guitar!

Sociological Images shows the overcrowding of California prisons, making me grateful to have been raised as a law-abiding citizen in our prison-heavy country.

Lindy West on Jezebel says, “Stop using cavemen as an excuse for your fad diet,” and it’s true. Paleo diets are silly, as are diets of McNuggets and fries. We evolved to eat somewhere in between the two: think whole grains, fresh produce and local animal products in moderation.


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