Give Your Brain Credit: Comment More Online

A great way to make your learning concrete is to respond to it. In creating a more thoughtful web presence, a good experiment is to comment more on the blog posts or articles you read. You already have an opinion on them (otherwise, why would you have read them through?), so become part of the community, or at least give your brain credit by putting those opinions into words.

Here are some places I’ve commented lately:

The Number of PhDs on food stamps triples (Sociological Images)
New CSTA K-8 Teaching Resource (Computer Science Teachers Association)
32 New Things: Put A Significant Amount of Money Into A Roth IRA (Yes and Yes)
13 Rules for Being Alone and Being Happy About It (Advanced Riskology)
Adulting Step 225: Get married for the right reasons (Adulting)

Bonus that I didn’t comment on but which brought on my comment at Sociological Images:
“Why Smart People Are Stupid” by Jonah Lehrer on The New Yorker
The ridiculous oversight inherent in using ONLY undergraduates in academic research about the human condition is blatant. Why do the media continue to believe this kind of limiting research? Perhaps Lehrer is attempting an altogether too-adept stroke of irony by proclaiming, through a fairly “smart” publication, that its readers are shortsighted, while being itself quite shortsighted.


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